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Selling online is still selling…

When you talk about selling and salesmanship, the image of the smooth-talking, smart-suited, well-presented salesperson might spring to mind. Or perhaps the service-focused, ‘nothing is too much of a problem’, ‘how can I help’, approach is closer to your idea of what selling should be all about.

Either way, it is easy to think of selling as something which occurs purely through a face-to-face exchange. That would be a mistake and would mean missing out on a serious advantage, especially if you are an online retailer.

Let me remind you of some of the basics of selling:

  1. First impressions mean everything: consumers decide if they trust a seller within the first few seconds of a first encounter
  2. Accurate, relevant and well-delivered information: clarity and honesty will always be received more favourably
  3. Buyers usually have questions: remember it is the seller’s primary job to give satisfactory answers to their customer’s questions
  4. People buy what they want, not what you want them to buy: in other words, even if you could sell ice to Eskimos, you’d still sell more of it to Californians
  5. Deciding to buy is just step one in the process: any good salesperson will tell you that, once a buyer has decided to buy, the transaction must be as straightforward as possible – or they might change their mind

Applying face-to-face sales techniques to online sales?

So, when you sell online, simply follow the same set of rules as above:

  1. Make the picture and the headline description look, feel and read amazingly – make them seriously compelling
  2. Give your prospective buyers clear, accurate descriptions of your goods and services (don’t leave them to guess)
  3. Take some time-out to get inside your buyer’s mind and think about the questions they might have: then answer them honestly and intelligently – before they have even asked!
  4. Do your research and make sure there is a demand for what you are selling. If there isn’t it is probably time to rethink the business plan
  5. Make it clear ‘how’ they proceed with their purchase and remove any unnecessary steps or barriers to them completing the checkout process

I hope that helps sharpens your wit to woo a few more customers through your online store’s doors 😊

Ollie the Owl

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